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Planit Films has worked with the film industry as well as High End TV for a number of years, advising on and gaining permission for location filming on a range of highly sensitive sites. Permission has also been secured for new film studios at the former Bovingdon Airfield site, where much filming takes place.

The resurgence of the film industry in recent years, (encouraged through government tax incentives), has triggered an influx of filming, making use of the world-class studio and technical facilities in the UK. This has increased demand to film on location, for which planning permission is very often required.

In 2014 and 2015 Planit Consulting, (working alongside the British Film Commission (BFC)), successfully lobbied the Government to issue Permitted Development Rights for filming on land and within buildings. This resulted in generous Permitted Development Rights for filming activity which underpins the visible growth of the industry.

This advice to Central Government continues and is ongoing in respect of on changes to Permitted Development rights for temporary filming uses. We also advised the BFC as part of their supplier framework (professional property services), stage space support and

Through our experience and detailed knowledge of the industry, we regularly assist Production Companies and Location Managers to secure the necessary temporary permissions to allow filming in various locations in the UK. It has included advice on stage development, change of use of existing buildings, and on a more permanent basis for new sound stage facilities and associated production facilities.

Our Clients


We have successfully negotiated permissions and use of a range of sites for the filming of the following films




Mission Impossible

Black Widow


Lord of the Rings

Bohemian Rhapsody

Fast and Furious

Star Wars

The Avengers

Clash of the titans



Nanny McPhee


Bovingdon Airfield Studios is a well-established location for UK filming having been used for ‘Backlot’ space for over 15 years.  For a number of year Planit had secured temporary permissions for one off builds.

In 2022 Planit Films secured planning permission (reference (20/03194/MFA) for permanent filming use on the eastern part of the former airfield.  In addition to various areas for ‘backlot’ space the permission also approved 3 permanent sound stages comprising of nearly 7000sq.m. of floorspace in purposes built Studio’s.  These are now constructed and shown in the photograph below.

As a further phase of development, there are plans to construct a further 31,460 sqm of development including 12,930 sqm of studio space , 8,980 sqm of workshop / office space and 9,550 sqm of support / office space. The Masterplan for this development is currently being discussed with Decorum Council ahead of a planning application being submitted in the near future. The layout of the central area of the site is shown below.

Planit Films are pleased to be part of the Bovingdon Airfields Studio proposals for further development.


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